Cape Fear Civil War Round Table

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October 2022 Meeting "Lincoln at War" by Everard H. Smith/span>

September 2022 Meeting "The Confederacy's most modern General: James Longstreet
and the American Civil War" by Harold Knudsen

June 2022 Meeting "Rose Greenhow's - My Imprisonment" by Emily Lapisardi

May 2022 Meeting "Lincoln's Spies" by Douglas Waller

April 2022 Meeting "Confederate Strongholds: Blockade Running in Nassau and Bermuda" by Jeff Bockert

February 2022 Meeting "My Paintings of the Civil War and the Stories They Tell" by Jim Horton

January 2022 Meeting"NC Military Operations in 1865" by Ernmest Dollar

December 2021 Meeting"How West Virginia Became a State" by Andrew Duppstadt

November 2021 Meeting"A Civil War Christmas" by Betty Vaughn

October 2021 Meeting "The Blockaders" by Robert M. Browning

September 2021 Meeting "Civil Mines & Torpedoes" by Ken Rutherford

August 2021 Meeting "Bentonville Battlefield" by Colby Stevens

May 2021 Meeting "Chase and Lincoln" by Walter Stahr

April 2021 Meeting "Lifeline of the Confederacy" by Steve Wise

February 2021 Meeting "Lee's Pyrrhic Victory at Chancellorsville" by JoAnna McDonald

January 2021 Zoom Meeting "Confederate Sequestration" by Rodney Steward

November 2020 Zoom Meeting "Lt. Francis Lyell Hoge, CSN" by Andrew Duppstadt

October 2020 Zoom Meeting "Lions of the Dan" by J. K. Brandau

September 2020 Zoom Meeting "Cruise of the CSS Shenandoah" by Dwight Hughes