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Land Warfare

Title Author
A Billy Yank in Oakdale- How a Yankee Soldier wound up in Oakdale Cemetary Bob Cooke
Seeing The Elephant- Co K 51st North Carolina Infantry Acting Regimental Color Bearer Private Robert J. Cooke, Jr.
Hold On- Siege of Petersberg Noah Raper
Batchelder's Creek- An Accidental Explosion near New Bern was One of the Deadliest Incidents of the Civil War in North Carolina David Norris
The Medal of Honor- Bravery at Fort Fisher Bob Cooke

Naval Warfare

Title Author
USS Peterhoff- USS Peterhoff and UNCW's Civil War Cannon David Norris
The HEBE Incident- Fort Fisher - August 18th-23rd 1863 Ray Flowers
The CSS Stonewall - Ironclad Ship of War- History of Ironclads Robert Long
A Civil War Celebrity in Wilmington- The Commodore Hull's action in the Civil War David Norris
The Blockade Runner Cornubia- One of the most successful of all Confederate blockade runners Bill Jayne


Title Author
E. Porter Alexander- Soldier, Author, Scholar, and Captain of Industry Jack Travis
John A. Richardson- Reluctant Lieutenant Colonel of the 36th NC Ray Flowers
General Braxton Bragg- A brief history of the South's most maligned generals Debra Lynn Walker
John Newland Maffitt- Biography of service in the U.S. and Confederate Navies Tim Winstead
John Taylor Wood- Man of Action, Man of Honor Tim Winstead
LeRoy Wiley Gresham- Invalid boy’s diary focus of Library of Congress Civil War exhibit  

General Interest/Miscellaneous

Title Author
That Indispensable Civil War Coffee!- Cup of Joe and the Civil War Ann Hertzler
Whistler's Mother- Whistler's Mother (and Brother) David Norris
A Counterfeiting Scam- A Scam in Civil War Wilmington David Norris
Civil War Loyality Oath- Captured Confederate Soldier Floyd Farrar
Beaufort Plow Boys- A Flag's Journey: The Flag of the Beaufort Plow Boys Edward Harding & Terry W. Tersigni

Star News Online Articles

Title Author Date Published
Cvil War Museum in Fayetteville- Fayetteville Civil War museum would have Wilmington ties Ben Steelman September 17, 2016
Juneteenth Festival- Annual Juneteenth Festival is more than a celebration Elizabeth Montgomery June 17, 2016
Display at the Carolina Beach Town Hall- Dioramas in hiding for 30 years showcase blockade runner history again Ben Steelman June 17, 2016
Area's Civil War Shipwrecks- Recognized as National Treasure Ben Steelman June 8, 2016
Cape Fear Maritime Museums- Shipwrecks are a key part of area museums Tim Buckland June 3, 2016
Rose Greenhow- Romantic story of shipwrecked Confederate spy is true, mostly Ben Steelman June 3, 2016
3D sonar to help identify wreck off Oak Island- Researchers believe the boat is blockade runner Agnes E. Fry Cammie Bellamy April 11, 2016
Information about Oak Island Shipwreck - Search for spans Continent, Decades Adam Wagner March 28, 2016
Agnes E. Fry, aka the Fox - Archaeologists say evidence points to shipwreck being the Agnes E. Fry, aka the Fox Adam Wagner March 10, 2016
Shipwreck found off Oak Island Coast- Believed to be Blockade Runner Adam Wagner March 7, 2016

Our State Online Articles

Title Author Date Published
One Nation, Again After Johnston’s Surrender- After four years and thousands of lives lost, the war ends. Philip Gerard April 7, 2015
Johnston’s Last Stand at the Battle of Bentonville- Confederate brigades battle Sherman’s troops in Bentonville. Philip Gerard March 11, 2015
Sherman’s Final March- The Union lays waste to Fayetteville in its push through the Carolinas. Philip Gerard February 6, 2015
The Union Takes Wilmington- Confederate troops fail to defend the vital port city. Philip Gerard December 31, 2014
Freedom Nears for Slaves-The slave trade in North Carolina thrives, despite the impending demise of the Confederacy. Philip Gerard September 25, 2014
During the Civil War, Sisters of Mercy Provide Medical Attention- Nuns from the North travel south to nurse the sick and comfort the dying. Philip Gerard August 25, 2014
The Battle of the Crater- The Union Army’s plan to explode a mine succeeds, but the confederate counterattack proves more deadly. Philip Gerard July 2, 2014
The Civil War: General Wild’s Raid- Brig. Gen. Edward augustus Wild raises an army of former slaves who take aim at southern plantations. Philip Gerard June 3, 2014
The National Pastime at War- Troops from both sides — and even prisons — find escape from the slog of war with a bat and ball. Philip Gerard April 2, 2014
The Great Adventure of the Outlaw Blalocks- A husband and wife stay together — and fight together — through the duration of the war. Philip Gerard February 25, 2014
Deserters and Outliers- Tar Heel soldiers grow weary of war and leave their regiments — only to fight for the north. Philip Gerard January 29, 2014
The Invincible Ironclad- One man builds a warship that seems unsinkable, and his sworn enemy vows to destroy it. Philip Gerard December 4, 2013
The Iron Lifeline- The outcome of the war relies on the strength of the state’s railroads. Philip Gerard November 3, 2013
Burial and Mourning at Poplar Grove- Amid an increasingly hostile society, one estate near Wilmington remains an unlikely refuge. Philip Gerard October 1, 2013
Dear My Beloved,- A husband and wife, separated by war, exchange letters to bridge the distance. Philip Gerard September 5, 2013
James Johnston Pettigrew: A Scholar in the Civil War- One of the state’s foremost scholars finds his purpose is not in books but on the battlefield. Philip Gerard August 5, 2013
A Spy Among Us: Rose O’Neal Greenhow- A socialite collects intelligence for the Confederacy. Her loyalty comes at a price. Philip Gerard June 20, 2013
Burial and Mourning at Poplar Grove- Amid an increasingly hostile society, one estate near Wilmington remains an unlikely refuge. Philip Gerard October 1, 2013
Rebel on the Seas- A former U.S. Navy officer raids and razes union merchant ships. Philip Gerard May 28, 2013
Writing the War- A Catawba County native becomes a trusted correspondent in a time when battle stories are sensational. Philip Gerard May 1, 2013
Religion in the Ranks Chapter I of II- Many Christians living in the Confederacy believe there is little doubt that God is on their side Philip Gerard December 3, 2012
A Family’s War- Seven men from Alamance County fight under the same flag, not only as soldiers, but also as family. Philip Gerard December 3, 2012
The Civil War Series: Life in North Carolina- The war magnified the best and the worst of the human spirit. In each installment, author and historian Philip Gerard explores the nuance of the Civil War and its affect on life in North Carolina. Our State Staff December 3, 2012
Indivisible: Chang and Eng Bunker- Siamese twins Chang and Eng Bunker tour the world fascinating audiences. After a life in the limelight, they settle in Surry County and join their fortunes to those of the South. ( Philip Gerard October 31, 2012
Abraham Galloway: From Cartridge Box to Ballot Box- A black man in New Bern doesn’t want to be gifted the rights of freedom after the war. He wants to fight for them and win them.. Philip Gerard September 29, 2012
Little Will’s Cherokee Legion- A white man and the Indians, war and love, and the dream of freedom. Philip Gerard August 31, 2012
The Burden of War- The weight the men carry nearly leaves them limp underneath their sacks. But there is only one way to shed that weight, and the price for that is far worse than shouldering the load. Philip Gerard July 31, 2012
The Kinston Hangings (Part 2): A General’s Fatal Anger- The Hangings at Kinston, Part II: Just after another defeat in battle, Maj. Gen. George E. Pickett unleashes his frustration on a group of deserters, rope by rope by rope. Philip Gerard July 2, 2012
The Kinston Hangings (Part 1): Caught Between Blue and Gray- The Kinston Hangings, Part I: In eastern North Carolina, poor fishermen and farmers want to be left alone. But commanders on both sides fight for their loyalty, putting the men in a situation where they have no good option. Philip Gerard May 29, 2012
Atrocity at Shelton Laurel- Revenge on the enemy is one thing. Murder of the innocent is another. Two colonels in the Confederate Army show no mercy in Madison County, conducting acts that outrage even their side’s most devoted leaders. Philip Gerard April 29, 2012
Baptisim by Blood- Just 90 days after he passes his board exam, without any supervision, Dr. Thomas Fanning Wood performs perhaps the most difficult act in medicine. Philip Gerard March 27, 2012
First, Do Harm- Thomas Fanning Wood achieves a dream of becoming a doctor much sooner than he could have imagined. There is no time for an apprenticeship, not during the height of war. Philip Gerard February 27, 2012
A War of Songs- From battlefields to minstrel shows, music becomes a rallying cry of loyalty and motivation. But as deaths and hopelessness mount, the songs convey a haunting sense of loss Philip Gerard January 27, 2012
Battle of the Bands- Musicians attached to the 26th North Carolina regiment rouse patriotic spirit, bolster flagging morale in the face of gruesome casualties, and are vital to the regiment’s command and control system. Philip Gerard December 30, 2011
The Women’s War- With millions of young men lost in — or lost to — battle, and economic calamity a relentless opponent, women are forced into new roles: farmers, mill workers, entrepreneurs, even rioters. Daily realities of survival, fear, danger, and desperation are just some of a war’s challenges that transcend class and social status. Philip Gerard November 28, 2011
A Separate Peace- The war reaches North Carolina, but pacifists in the Old North State secretly oppose the Confederacy. Philip Gerard October 26, 2011
The Dark Hole: Civil War Prison Camps- At first, soldiers from both North and South return to their regiments in prisoner-of-war exchanges. But when officials end the old system in hopes of diminishing the slaughter, captured soldiers face death in the prison camps. Philip Gerard September 15, 2011
Glory Bound- The captain of the Yadkin Stars is a fearless and loyal leader. But throughout his tenure and journey north as a prisoner of war, William Henry Asbury Speer remains haunted by a weary ambivalence toward the cause and this unwinnable war. Philip Gerard September 15, 2011
River Runaways- For slaves, the struggle began long before the first shots of the Civil War. Now, the unrest and confusion of conflict open passage to freedom. Philip Gerard July 29, 2011
Unflinching Leader- Poor leadership challenges the Confederacy from the outset of the war, but soon afterward, North Carolina has a bold and inspiring defender in Zebulon Baird Vance. Philip Gerard June 28, 2011
Parading 0ff to War- Confederate soldiers and their supporters herald the news of North Carolina’s secession with pageantry and pomp. Soon, though, the reality of battle will break through the ranks. Philip Gerard May 25, 2011
A House Divided- Doctor Bellamy’s mansion and the beginning of the end of an era. Philip Gerard April 28, 2011

Civil War Movies/Clips

Title Author
Tunnel Hill Reenactors- Tunnel Hill Artillery Reenactment - June 2016
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Tim Winstead

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